Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How Experiments Are Influential ?

'Bapu' we call him. Mahatma He was confered. Made Father of The Nation. When once I was listening to a History class of Freedom Stuggle, thinking with childish mind, thought that Indian independence had been delayed only due to him. Since then I just had a respect towards him as National Leader.

But, after nearly a decade, growing matured with the life, and thinking childlike, I had got a great oppurtunity in reading His autobiography, 'My Experiments With The Truth'. Though I heard about this book and some content from this collection before, after getting the book, and before I started to go thru it, I had a doubt in my mind, that whether any person in this real world will reveal or disclose to write facts or truths what ever happened in his life, particularly personal happenings really, and was in an idea that definitely morphing of the happenings do happen. With that doubt in my mind I started to read the book. The same apprehension he raised when he was asked to make his happenings into a collection. He was so apprehensive that, he may go wrong way if he lies or even if he hides the facts.

I was really enjoyed to carry myself from one page to the other, from one chapter to the other, as the life story of his proceeds. No one admits ones mistakes, particularly the personal things. But, He brings out from this collection how the story of 'Satya Harischandhra', intiated him to lead to find and walk thru 'True Path'. The way in which he finds the satyragraha path.

From his experience he found to say "Truth is Hard As Adamant, and Tender As A Blossom", which is really true. He also, says that a person right from his birth goes in true path, observes justice, and speaks truth cannot find Truth, untill he observes Brahmacharya. He always tried to keep this all thru his life.

His life is a true example for those who brings out the critic about the whoabouts of such persons. His life is a true example of Satyagraha, Brahmacharya, & Non-Violence.

Bapu I wish I observe your path of satyagraha and Non-Violence.

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  1. Its good to read that you changed your opinion towards one of the greatest freedom fighter of india.But do you really think the path of non violence still exist? It was shown very nicely in the Munnabhai movie, which encouraged people to follow satyagarha and nonviolence. But today , I think people excersing these principles are called inert or passive.The world has undergone a sea change, people are not the same which they used to be 4-5 decades earlier.
    Yeah its good if you are true to yourself and to others because this gives you a sense of relief for donig no wrong to others. I do belive if you are not true you are not the person whom people can bank upon!!But admitting one's mistake is still a huge task :)......