Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Most Influential Story-Book In My Life !

Then I was a child, Our dad used to take us to near-by shop on Sundays, in those days, where a TV available, to show us the screen of the fairy-tale...Probably in my 4th standard, our dad, daily after our supper, used to tell the fairy-tales of the same story, not exactly a tale, but one of the most revered historical happenings, which is regarded as the Panchama Veda, "The Mahabharatha". Myself and my sister were the listeners to the stories told by our dad, whose continuation has been carried for nearly more than 3 months.
No sooner we finished to listen to the story, our Summer vaccation arrived. In those days, cable tv shows doesnot exist, so, watching our plight in passing the summer and also to control our mischievous behaviour usually we do when we be at home, our dad gave us the book which he used to read, The Mahabharatha.
By the time we had the book in our hands, we already were made acquainted by the story, the heroes and the characters from it. Myself and my sis, started to read the book one after the other. We enjoyed to read the story as it was in our Mother tongue. Right from the start, I showed eternal interest in persuading myself in going thru the story.
Both the clans were royal sons and has the legal heir to wear the crown of the kingdom. A large kingdom, emanated from great Kings. All the stories woven one after the other, highly influential to the then contemporary cultural and traditional country. Though myths some stories were, though far from reality at other ends, but, the narration of the stories were well woven clubbing these myths and human faiths which were existing then.
The story writer, who himself present in the story as a cameo, all gets the appraisal and admiration, and his repoitre, will be seen by the reader in every word, and board. The Lord Krishna, appears in the story along with his cousin, always be with the right, will helps in any fight, against the evil. All he says was whenever there comes the evil, inorder to uplift Dharma, he takes birth to kill it. He not just say these, but, will show them.
The story is a nobel example, where lot many characters come in, presents, how even the nobel personalities will succumb, when they embrace the notorious personalities and their paths. The great personality, Bheesma, will live in the hearts of everyone who knew about him for his, noblest vow he made and adhered to. The greastest Guru, Dhrona, will always be in the minds of the every pursuer. The highly disciplined, though vary from one to one in ideas, Arjuna, Ekalavya, Aswadhama, kept themselves in the selves of every heart. Dharmaja, Bheema, Aswini brothers, one of the greatest warriors heard.
On the other side, Dhuryodhana, though, is a very disciplined person, upon embracing the evil side, atlast succumbed to that evil. The Greatest warrior, trustee, donar, Karna, is no inferior to the other.
I went to chill, when the greastest war never heard before, if was really happened, involving large armedmen killed, approached in my story. With lot much of anxiety, enthusiasm, penchant, I finished to read it without much interuption.
The post war scenario, kept me wept, as if I lost my relatives and near-hearted. Atlast, bringing some cheers when the five heroes attains the throne.
The last two episodes, were really drew me to tears. One when the Blind King along with his wife, and his brother wife, goes to die, in attaining, the Hindu faith of last phase of life, and the other was the story of a one-side gold-coated Swan.
All these stories had created and imprinted in my mind since then, and are alive in spirit with me. Each and every personality and the story is unique in its kind, which made me to mould my character and personality. This one of the Great and noble collection of ancient India has, and which I feel proud to say I read to imbibe it in my heart.

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