Saturday, June 27, 2009

He's Not Alive, But He Is Thru With His Work !

Some where farther in the eternal sea, a small heap of water starts to raise, and paces slowly towards the end capturing substantial strength from the waters, trying to raise to a huge altitude in the form of a wave, to show its presence to the scores at the shores. For this wave to raise to that occasion, the eternal sea is the cause which helps its and resists as well. But, that inherent character, which the wave at the time of its birth, makes it a freelancer and freely does its show easily.
A small spark of fire, raises into an inferno, fuming all the things coming in its way, by the virtue of its character 'Fire-dom'. Like wise lot many stars takes birth, in the relentless universe, but, only a 'Pole Star' by virtue of its position remains eternal. There comes lot many hurdles, there will be scores of heaps in the course of a river, but, it subjugates all the loops and steeps, within it, where we can see only the beautiful flow of it, without much thinking about the dark sides beneath it.
Like wise a star was born to become a stalwart by the name Michael Jackson. A child prodigy kept his charm and inherent skills to enthral billions of audience and few generations throughout his career. He was the King of the contemporary music and dance. Audience got fascinated by his performances, and shut the mouths of the critics out of his way through his styles. He's on the other side a salient philanthropist who also cared & concerned for the human sufferings and funded the charities for genuine causes. Now that King exist no where physically. But, his presence, his appearance will be alive in the hearts of the billions through his songs and work.
We all pay a huge homage to the icon and lets pray for his soul now rest in peace at the God's place (Heaven).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hors de' combat

Thru out our life we strive for achieving something. For that we build our skills and nourish our knowledge. To attain the accuracy and the supremacy in the skills we ought to earn, we struggle at every stage of the life. We spend lot of time, lots of energy and much more lots of our wealth at times. Then the time comes, when and where we need to show our acquired skills. As everybody strives for perfection and encourages oneself for becoming the champion, then that presentation of the skills and to get thru the combat or contest, will become to pursue the path of snail on an edge.
We struggle every time, at every moment for the betterment of ourselves. In reaching our goals and improving our skills, we do overwork, we mind intensely causing ourselves hurt or injured. And then comes the time, when we need to be out of the contest, though we are adept, as we fall injured or ill. Which not only make oneself to feel bad, but will lead to under performance by the team one associated.
Team India, though a tough team to reckon, but, as was involved in the game for much time, in the recent times, and engaged restless, has the effect of Hors de' combat. Many of its stalwart players viz. one Sehwag was suffering from injuries, becomes a tough time for him (and for Team India) to stay out from the T20 world-cup contest, that too where our Team entering as the defending champs.
He needs to improve his health and should join the team vigorously after his hiatus.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

AutoMotive Industry!

Right from the moment we land on the Earth after our birth, there's a new chapter comes into existence. That opened new chapter, which is the very of ours, contains spoon-fed lessons, moon-reach missions, exercises and extempores. Often we taught, mostly we fought, softly we sought into the jam-packed, frizzy-fuzzy world. To keep out of the snare and get out of the snarl smoothly and neatly we need an extra arm.
Though our elders struggle for us mostly to make us attain that required arm, from our kid-age to the mid-age, their desires seldom gets fulfilled, if they aspires simply without our commitment. According to the universal saying "One can only take a horse to a pond, but can't make that to quench its thirst". We need the added zeal to the aspiration of our elders, then only we come without much perspiration.
So, all the zeal we need is the, 'Motivation' auto-generated from our within, added with the 'Industry', of hard-working, to attain the autonomous stature. Thence, one can descern the importance of the 'Automotive Industry'.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Its The Repertoire From The Ratatouille At Last !

A person or a thing, has its own recognition. Attainment of the recognisition will be due its characteristics, viz. colour, beauty, character etc.., But, the recognisition will be sometimes faded away if other thing's characteristics outshine. According to universal saying, "One has to search for the reason, where he slipped, not at which he fell". So, the incognizant, characteristic will become recognised, once if self-introspection is made, and applauses will be reached.
A person's or a team's repertoire, is recognised only when his mind is rapped up by his self-introspections and to come fresh from their ratatouilles.
In an event as recent IPL, where representations from various parts of the nation held, and struggled neck to neck, for getting the place on the final deck, nerve-breaking, breathe-stopping match by match, definitely it will become so hard to bring out a fair excellent outcome from one's introspection. In the tough events like this, as everyone has to accept, that certainly, one will excel and the others exile.
Biting the defeat and digesting, will definitely be a hard nut to crack. Though there be always the sporting spirit backing, more than that, the spirit of zeal for the success has to be mocking. Then only, the team like Deccan-Chargers, who stood bottom in the IPL-1, now spread blossom by getting charged in the IPL-2.
When each team represented their own place and felt proud about the same, yes, I have to say, proudly and profoundly, We, Our Hyderabad Won in the much awaited grand finale!
Deccan Chargers charged the millions of audience, in an event which enthralled and fascinated for nearly about 2 months. We, Our Team, Our Hyderabad, reached the Peak from the pinnacle.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Poem On Caress ness of A Mother !

In '06, there were unprecedented floods in Rajasthan. As the floods are uncommon in this desert state, medium downpours as those, rose into floods due to improper drain system. Those floods created scores of people to move from the submersing lands.
Covering the news, explaining in the news paper, the miserable conditions of the people in that area, who were leaving to the safer places, this snap had been published in 'The Hindu'.
It explained, everybody's leaving with their kit and kin, valuables and belongings. A women in this picture, was carrying her child in the overhead tub, crossing a rivulet-half submersed, leaving all her belongings apart. Which assest will be so valuable as so more than a child to a mother? She was trying to protect her valuable child from the waters, though she was in a potential danger of drowning, assuring her child, with her affection. I was amazed, by that scene and the mother's care, kind, affection and her heart.
Looking at that published picture, and me literally dissolved with that scene, my heart broke into tears. Those tears just didnot fall out to the ground, but, they became the ground for these words, in my poem, which I had penned, there itself on that pic (click on the pic to see enlarged vision), praising the motherhood, and her caress ness, which is a boon to the child, blessed by the God. These characeteristics, are possible only to a mother, where God also can't able to compete. Salute, to (that) mother.
These were the words, which atlast became a poem, were preserved intact in original, with me till now and still anyhow. This was pasted on the walls of my room when I was in IITK.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Practice Makes Man Perfect !

The following was my own experience in making the Header Phrase true, in case of my hand-writing.
I believe, like, with the regular practice of singing will bring a nice voice, so as the hand-writing too. We all were asked to practise the sheets of workbooks of handwriting, at our school days. But, at only some time we achieve the interest in moulding the same.
I never bothered about the neatness & appearance of my hand-writing while I was in school. I even didnot bothered about it relatively with other classmates too. I even didnot realise its necessity. And was in an impression that, I could not bring a neat hand-writing from my hand, so, didnot dare to think about it.
One day, while I was in IX std., I submitted and put my English notes in the pile of other's notes, after a lesson for correction. As my notes had come into hands of our master, I think it (my messy hand-writing), made him irritated. Soon, I found him become irascible and later my notes flewing literally in the air, to point it out of the class door. I was warned at that time, to bring back the notes for correction the next day, with neatly written. I was shocked and frightened, and to a little embarrassed.
On that evening, I spent sometime writing the notes again, but, this time, so carefully and with much patience. After my long struggle, I was amazed to see what had I done. Letters in the words were so neat and cute. I felt happy and astonished looking at the output. Next day, I submitted my notes and got escaped from the punishment.
I again, didnot concentrate on the same, as didnot get the time. And, I finished my High-School. Time took me to the change, when I entered Intermediate. Owing to health problem, I joined the college lately, nearly I lost 2 months time. So, when I joined college I involved in copying my notes from others. So, I got an ample amount of time to exercise for improving my hand-writing. I then recalled my past experience and realised to implement that hand-wrinting now. I could say its my penance in crafting my hand-writing. Intially, I couldnot able to put the words in good appearance, as well the sentences. But, after two months of my start I was able to bring beautiful appearance at my notes. After my ordered penance, I achieved success. Then, I realised the phrase, 'Practice Makes Man Perfect', is true and real. Soon, it become casual for me to maintain my notes neat and good.
I in mean times, whenever, I feel a certain thing/job is not feasible at once, I recall my experience, and try to implement it, saying to myself, to follow constant practice.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes! I Believe In God!

When? : M.Tech. I Yr II Sem, (2007), Chilling Winter.
Where? : My Room, Hall 8, I.I.T.Kanpur,
Who? : Me & Him (Almighty),
Why? Hurry? : Have to reach to attend my guide's class on before 11 a.m.
What? : The Back Ground Story-1: Usually, I willn't be late for any class, and that too for my M.Tech. thesis supervisor's Class. He's so strict that he will not spare any late entry & will not permit any person into the class soon after when he steps in.

The Back Ground Story-2: On that day, it became late for me to start from my room. Only 5 min I was left with. So, I tried to hurry on my bi-cycle to reach soon. Then, it happened that, my cycle's stand got lose and got struck-up in my rear wheel. Apprehensive about deniance to class today, I scurried to the cycle repair shop at Hall-7. Mean while the clock almost ticked 11 a.m. Still hoped to get it repaired soon upon insisting the repairman with an estimatation that he repairs it soon. Second's hand continued to move into minutes. Almost I lost 10min, when I got the bicycle mended. Even, I ride with bike's speed it will definitely take 5 more min. So, disappointed by what had happened with me on that day, and with apprehensive in mind what sir might ask in the next class, I slowly returned to my room.

The Back Ground Story-3: Reached Hall, parked bicycle, got to my room and opened the door. Oh Damn! I found, I couldn't able to believe my eyes. Smoke engulfed entire room, fire blazing near the table. Situation soon made my mind to respond immediately. But, how? power was on. I couldnot able to put off the circuit. So, I dared to pull out the plug of the burning blower and dragged the blower outside and putoff the fire. Soon realised to notice that, the fire had just broke not more than 10min before. Or else, it would have gone into an inferno, soon leaving all my articles, books, my new (then) PC, clothes and entire room charred into ashes.

How?: Did It Happened: My blower (which we use to heat up our room in winter) was not working properly since 2~3 days before the incident took place. I was thinking to get it repaired on that evening, but, could not able to anticipate the danger.
This was one of many incidents, where I staunchly believe that God had helped me or saved me from the miserable danger. I believe, only He made my bicycle undergo repair and not allowed me to attend the class and willed my return to my room to stop the accident. At that instant itself I had "Thanked God!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memorable Ragging !

Youu! Hey you, you guys! come here, hard words heard by us as if they blasted out from a cracking stone. All of a sudden, we stopped to see whoz that,upon realising that those words came out from one, among a battery of seniors, who sat on steps near our College Bus-stop, we sauntered till them. Those are the early days of my Engineering days, and obviously we (juniors) move in groups as herds, always trying to escape becoming a scapegoat from seniors, by getting caught. But, we can't escape from the brunt as we usually get caught, standing for getting the bus. We all made to stand in a row to get ragged.
After, some preliminary ragging: Haan Ravi!, send him, thatt boy (pointing towards me) here, a girl's voice emanated from a mob of senior girls sitting beside their male counterparts. And as listening to her, he sent me to them. I donno what did they find particular interest in me, to call, I phased till them.
Fury grew in me, making irascible and at last irritable, as being at the idea of getting ragged by Gals. Hey what's ur name? Where aa'uu from? Which branch? Have Girl Friends?...? questions were missiled at me one after the other. I answered most of 'em. But, slowly mind started to become repugnant, and my face phased to red. They (gals) understood me becoming repugnant, and asked me why am I becoming so?
One of the girl (pointing to other in the group) asked me, Do 'u know her? She's also from your place and college? I said no, I donno her, and I asserted them she's not from our college.
Next Q' came, saying, why? just now we come to know from her that, she had crush on you while she was ur senior in ur college, how come you say she's not from your college?
While the mob posing these Q's my mind and face, all of a sudden phased into smile listening to 'em. They again asked me, why the damn I smiling when they were asking me seriously the serious thing?
To that I replied 'em, what can I say m'am (we need to call them sirs and m'ams), you all laing, and why can't you believe me that she's neither from our college nor has crush on me, because ours is the first batch in our college and there is no scope for seniors, and also the crushh..
Listening to my answer all of their mouths became dumb, and mind num, unable to digest their becoming ninni's. Soon, after that incident, they all at a time asked me to leave from there. Soon my bus arrived and I left to home.
This is the most and never forgetting memorable incident that happened in my life, and in particular my Engi days. !

Friday, January 23, 2009

Keep The Moments Alive !

In this small life and world, from the occassion we take our birth to the moment we leave, everything goes as a reel. We come to this real world at some moment and some place. And as the age of ours grow we move around the world for various reasons and purposes. The little mother earth, has lot of beautiful things in her hands. Our memory fades away with the time. Only we remain the witness to our happenings and memories. That too at some moment in the future we only remember a sparse of those golden things which splashed thru our lives. Those memories when we need to get as a flash in our minds we need to descirbe them when is necessary.
To keep those important memories all the time alive, even after we may not be alive, we need these real memories to be saved at some place, or we need to reel them. One important thing we need to memorise these golden and very important things other than our memory is a reel. This reel will keep those things alive, by the help of a tool. What does this mean, to keep all the things forever, we need help of a witness. This witness always have to keep it's eye on our happenings and be as a spectator cum witness.
Hence, we need this tool. A camera.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ring Out The Old Year !

Tomorrow my calendar will say, I am old and not useful to me and my Diary say, I had your good and bad things in me, but, could not keep up the updates as it become old. But, the memories those inscripted in them, were not old, or sore. The past year was a wonderful year to me. All thru the year, I never felt sore and bore. This was the year, which brought to me many and many good things.
All the things which were happened to me were very important though it may be good or bad, but, taught me many good lessons, helped in improving my character and a lot. This was the year, to be noted for I graduated with M.Tech from I.I.T.Kanpur, and later joining into my first job for work.
There were many golden memories happened all thru out the year, which were not only contemporous but, they last for long. My mom was present at my graduation ceremony, and we had a splendid pilgrimage to Varanasi. Later, when I returned to my home from college, I along with my mom, had a Pilgrimage to Bhadrachalam . As, we usually have in every year some tour kind of thing, I along with my mom and sister, had a wonderful tour to Chennai, Pondicherry. We had a very splendid moments in the tour. On our return to our home, we had a visit to Tirupati. Those tours brought a much and huge relief in me to refresh from the hectic scheduled academics. They also made me to feel refresh and encouraged me in joining in my job life.
In the second half of the year, I joined in my job life, my first job, and at first I was a little tense, about my getting accustomed to the all different job life and accomodation from my college life which I enjoyed there. But, Pune invited me blessingly as a mother and it keeps on increasing its dearness towards me. I had a greater moments when we were taken for a tour of Panchgani, where those days, I had a splendid moments with my friends. As being I a lovable and cool person, and soon mingled with the new people and the environment of work. Days passing making me still more to accustom to the work culture. This has been still making my life to experience greater personality aspects in moulding my character.
This also the year where which enhanced my penchant for book reading. It gave me a great opppurtunity, by the help of my sister, in coming close with the greatest people with their greatest books. I always try to keep enhancing this my penchant.
This was also the year which broght some aspirations as learning guitar which desire had been lingering my mind at length, into reality. This was also the year which kept me financially at good position.
Though, there were good, a lot many feelings and aspirations this year didnot made me to cherish. Hoping for the best, to happen in the coming new year, I ask this passing old year to urge its successor to give them to me. Not only those left uncherished, but, also to give a lot many enthusiastic, adventures, twists, fruits etc..,

From these experiences and golden moments in my life, I with great regards bids fare-well to the old year and with lot many hopes, wishes, aspirations I great to welcome the New Year to Bless me what I desire and aspire.
Thus, I ring out the Old Year n Ring the New Year.