Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes! I Believe In God!

When? : M.Tech. I Yr II Sem, (2007), Chilling Winter.
Where? : My Room, Hall 8, I.I.T.Kanpur,
Who? : Me & Him (Almighty),
Why? Hurry? : Have to reach to attend my guide's class on before 11 a.m.
What? : The Back Ground Story-1: Usually, I willn't be late for any class, and that too for my M.Tech. thesis supervisor's Class. He's so strict that he will not spare any late entry & will not permit any person into the class soon after when he steps in.

The Back Ground Story-2: On that day, it became late for me to start from my room. Only 5 min I was left with. So, I tried to hurry on my bi-cycle to reach soon. Then, it happened that, my cycle's stand got lose and got struck-up in my rear wheel. Apprehensive about deniance to class today, I scurried to the cycle repair shop at Hall-7. Mean while the clock almost ticked 11 a.m. Still hoped to get it repaired soon upon insisting the repairman with an estimatation that he repairs it soon. Second's hand continued to move into minutes. Almost I lost 10min, when I got the bicycle mended. Even, I ride with bike's speed it will definitely take 5 more min. So, disappointed by what had happened with me on that day, and with apprehensive in mind what sir might ask in the next class, I slowly returned to my room.

The Back Ground Story-3: Reached Hall, parked bicycle, got to my room and opened the door. Oh Damn! I found, I couldn't able to believe my eyes. Smoke engulfed entire room, fire blazing near the table. Situation soon made my mind to respond immediately. But, how? power was on. I couldnot able to put off the circuit. So, I dared to pull out the plug of the burning blower and dragged the blower outside and putoff the fire. Soon realised to notice that, the fire had just broke not more than 10min before. Or else, it would have gone into an inferno, soon leaving all my articles, books, my new (then) PC, clothes and entire room charred into ashes.

How?: Did It Happened: My blower (which we use to heat up our room in winter) was not working properly since 2~3 days before the incident took place. I was thinking to get it repaired on that evening, but, could not able to anticipate the danger.
This was one of many incidents, where I staunchly believe that God had helped me or saved me from the miserable danger. I believe, only He made my bicycle undergo repair and not allowed me to attend the class and willed my return to my room to stop the accident. At that instant itself I had "Thanked God!"

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