Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memorable Ragging !

Youu! Hey you, you guys! come here, hard words heard by us as if they blasted out from a cracking stone. All of a sudden, we stopped to see whoz that,upon realising that those words came out from one, among a battery of seniors, who sat on steps near our College Bus-stop, we sauntered till them. Those are the early days of my Engineering days, and obviously we (juniors) move in groups as herds, always trying to escape becoming a scapegoat from seniors, by getting caught. But, we can't escape from the brunt as we usually get caught, standing for getting the bus. We all made to stand in a row to get ragged.
After, some preliminary ragging: Haan Ravi!, send him, thatt boy (pointing towards me) here, a girl's voice emanated from a mob of senior girls sitting beside their male counterparts. And as listening to her, he sent me to them. I donno what did they find particular interest in me, to call, I phased till them.
Fury grew in me, making irascible and at last irritable, as being at the idea of getting ragged by Gals. Hey what's ur name? Where aa'uu from? Which branch? Have Girl Friends?...? questions were missiled at me one after the other. I answered most of 'em. But, slowly mind started to become repugnant, and my face phased to red. They (gals) understood me becoming repugnant, and asked me why am I becoming so?
One of the girl (pointing to other in the group) asked me, Do 'u know her? She's also from your place and college? I said no, I donno her, and I asserted them she's not from our college.
Next Q' came, saying, why? just now we come to know from her that, she had crush on you while she was ur senior in ur college, how come you say she's not from your college?
While the mob posing these Q's my mind and face, all of a sudden phased into smile listening to 'em. They again asked me, why the damn I smiling when they were asking me seriously the serious thing?
To that I replied 'em, what can I say m'am (we need to call them sirs and m'ams), you all laing, and why can't you believe me that she's neither from our college nor has crush on me, because ours is the first batch in our college and there is no scope for seniors, and also the crushh..
Listening to my answer all of their mouths became dumb, and mind num, unable to digest their becoming ninni's. Soon, after that incident, they all at a time asked me to leave from there. Soon my bus arrived and I left to home.
This is the most and never forgetting memorable incident that happened in my life, and in particular my Engi days. !

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