Friday, January 23, 2009

Keep The Moments Alive !

In this small life and world, from the occassion we take our birth to the moment we leave, everything goes as a reel. We come to this real world at some moment and some place. And as the age of ours grow we move around the world for various reasons and purposes. The little mother earth, has lot of beautiful things in her hands. Our memory fades away with the time. Only we remain the witness to our happenings and memories. That too at some moment in the future we only remember a sparse of those golden things which splashed thru our lives. Those memories when we need to get as a flash in our minds we need to descirbe them when is necessary.
To keep those important memories all the time alive, even after we may not be alive, we need these real memories to be saved at some place, or we need to reel them. One important thing we need to memorise these golden and very important things other than our memory is a reel. This reel will keep those things alive, by the help of a tool. What does this mean, to keep all the things forever, we need help of a witness. This witness always have to keep it's eye on our happenings and be as a spectator cum witness.
Hence, we need this tool. A camera.

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