Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ring Out The Old Year !

Tomorrow my calendar will say, I am old and not useful to me and my Diary say, I had your good and bad things in me, but, could not keep up the updates as it become old. But, the memories those inscripted in them, were not old, or sore. The past year was a wonderful year to me. All thru the year, I never felt sore and bore. This was the year, which brought to me many and many good things.
All the things which were happened to me were very important though it may be good or bad, but, taught me many good lessons, helped in improving my character and a lot. This was the year, to be noted for I graduated with M.Tech from I.I.T.Kanpur, and later joining into my first job for work.
There were many golden memories happened all thru out the year, which were not only contemporous but, they last for long. My mom was present at my graduation ceremony, and we had a splendid pilgrimage to Varanasi. Later, when I returned to my home from college, I along with my mom, had a Pilgrimage to Bhadrachalam . As, we usually have in every year some tour kind of thing, I along with my mom and sister, had a wonderful tour to Chennai, Pondicherry. We had a very splendid moments in the tour. On our return to our home, we had a visit to Tirupati. Those tours brought a much and huge relief in me to refresh from the hectic scheduled academics. They also made me to feel refresh and encouraged me in joining in my job life.
In the second half of the year, I joined in my job life, my first job, and at first I was a little tense, about my getting accustomed to the all different job life and accomodation from my college life which I enjoyed there. But, Pune invited me blessingly as a mother and it keeps on increasing its dearness towards me. I had a greater moments when we were taken for a tour of Panchgani, where those days, I had a splendid moments with my friends. As being I a lovable and cool person, and soon mingled with the new people and the environment of work. Days passing making me still more to accustom to the work culture. This has been still making my life to experience greater personality aspects in moulding my character.
This also the year where which enhanced my penchant for book reading. It gave me a great opppurtunity, by the help of my sister, in coming close with the greatest people with their greatest books. I always try to keep enhancing this my penchant.
This was also the year which broght some aspirations as learning guitar which desire had been lingering my mind at length, into reality. This was also the year which kept me financially at good position.
Though, there were good, a lot many feelings and aspirations this year didnot made me to cherish. Hoping for the best, to happen in the coming new year, I ask this passing old year to urge its successor to give them to me. Not only those left uncherished, but, also to give a lot many enthusiastic, adventures, twists, fruits etc..,

From these experiences and golden moments in my life, I with great regards bids fare-well to the old year and with lot many hopes, wishes, aspirations I great to welcome the New Year to Bless me what I desire and aspire.
Thus, I ring out the Old Year n Ring the New Year.

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