Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Practice Makes Man Perfect !

The following was my own experience in making the Header Phrase true, in case of my hand-writing.
I believe, like, with the regular practice of singing will bring a nice voice, so as the hand-writing too. We all were asked to practise the sheets of workbooks of handwriting, at our school days. But, at only some time we achieve the interest in moulding the same.
I never bothered about the neatness & appearance of my hand-writing while I was in school. I even didnot bothered about it relatively with other classmates too. I even didnot realise its necessity. And was in an impression that, I could not bring a neat hand-writing from my hand, so, didnot dare to think about it.
One day, while I was in IX std., I submitted and put my English notes in the pile of other's notes, after a lesson for correction. As my notes had come into hands of our master, I think it (my messy hand-writing), made him irritated. Soon, I found him become irascible and later my notes flewing literally in the air, to point it out of the class door. I was warned at that time, to bring back the notes for correction the next day, with neatly written. I was shocked and frightened, and to a little embarrassed.
On that evening, I spent sometime writing the notes again, but, this time, so carefully and with much patience. After my long struggle, I was amazed to see what had I done. Letters in the words were so neat and cute. I felt happy and astonished looking at the output. Next day, I submitted my notes and got escaped from the punishment.
I again, didnot concentrate on the same, as didnot get the time. And, I finished my High-School. Time took me to the change, when I entered Intermediate. Owing to health problem, I joined the college lately, nearly I lost 2 months time. So, when I joined college I involved in copying my notes from others. So, I got an ample amount of time to exercise for improving my hand-writing. I then recalled my past experience and realised to implement that hand-wrinting now. I could say its my penance in crafting my hand-writing. Intially, I couldnot able to put the words in good appearance, as well the sentences. But, after two months of my start I was able to bring beautiful appearance at my notes. After my ordered penance, I achieved success. Then, I realised the phrase, 'Practice Makes Man Perfect', is true and real. Soon, it become casual for me to maintain my notes neat and good.
I in mean times, whenever, I feel a certain thing/job is not feasible at once, I recall my experience, and try to implement it, saying to myself, to follow constant practice.

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