Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Poem On Caress ness of A Mother !

In '06, there were unprecedented floods in Rajasthan. As the floods are uncommon in this desert state, medium downpours as those, rose into floods due to improper drain system. Those floods created scores of people to move from the submersing lands.
Covering the news, explaining in the news paper, the miserable conditions of the people in that area, who were leaving to the safer places, this snap had been published in 'The Hindu'.
It explained, everybody's leaving with their kit and kin, valuables and belongings. A women in this picture, was carrying her child in the overhead tub, crossing a rivulet-half submersed, leaving all her belongings apart. Which assest will be so valuable as so more than a child to a mother? She was trying to protect her valuable child from the waters, though she was in a potential danger of drowning, assuring her child, with her affection. I was amazed, by that scene and the mother's care, kind, affection and her heart.
Looking at that published picture, and me literally dissolved with that scene, my heart broke into tears. Those tears just didnot fall out to the ground, but, they became the ground for these words, in my poem, which I had penned, there itself on that pic (click on the pic to see enlarged vision), praising the motherhood, and her caress ness, which is a boon to the child, blessed by the God. These characeteristics, are possible only to a mother, where God also can't able to compete. Salute, to (that) mother.
These were the words, which atlast became a poem, were preserved intact in original, with me till now and still anyhow. This was pasted on the walls of my room when I was in IITK.

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  1. Well said Chidhu ...


    Mother is a part of life, and
    Motherhood is the art of life

    Keep Expressing:)