Monday, May 25, 2009

Its The Repertoire From The Ratatouille At Last !

A person or a thing, has its own recognition. Attainment of the recognisition will be due its characteristics, viz. colour, beauty, character etc.., But, the recognisition will be sometimes faded away if other thing's characteristics outshine. According to universal saying, "One has to search for the reason, where he slipped, not at which he fell". So, the incognizant, characteristic will become recognised, once if self-introspection is made, and applauses will be reached.
A person's or a team's repertoire, is recognised only when his mind is rapped up by his self-introspections and to come fresh from their ratatouilles.
In an event as recent IPL, where representations from various parts of the nation held, and struggled neck to neck, for getting the place on the final deck, nerve-breaking, breathe-stopping match by match, definitely it will become so hard to bring out a fair excellent outcome from one's introspection. In the tough events like this, as everyone has to accept, that certainly, one will excel and the others exile.
Biting the defeat and digesting, will definitely be a hard nut to crack. Though there be always the sporting spirit backing, more than that, the spirit of zeal for the success has to be mocking. Then only, the team like Deccan-Chargers, who stood bottom in the IPL-1, now spread blossom by getting charged in the IPL-2.
When each team represented their own place and felt proud about the same, yes, I have to say, proudly and profoundly, We, Our Hyderabad Won in the much awaited grand finale!
Deccan Chargers charged the millions of audience, in an event which enthralled and fascinated for nearly about 2 months. We, Our Team, Our Hyderabad, reached the Peak from the pinnacle.


  1. yeah ... they won :)

    Its a big time for them.

    And you...what a poetic way of narration!!
    Excellent work done ...keep it up:)

    Dont leave ur "PRASA"...... hehe


  2. Its a Big time for US,

    "PRASA"--rhime is my birthright.