Thursday, June 4, 2009

AutoMotive Industry!

Right from the moment we land on the Earth after our birth, there's a new chapter comes into existence. That opened new chapter, which is the very of ours, contains spoon-fed lessons, moon-reach missions, exercises and extempores. Often we taught, mostly we fought, softly we sought into the jam-packed, frizzy-fuzzy world. To keep out of the snare and get out of the snarl smoothly and neatly we need an extra arm.
Though our elders struggle for us mostly to make us attain that required arm, from our kid-age to the mid-age, their desires seldom gets fulfilled, if they aspires simply without our commitment. According to the universal saying "One can only take a horse to a pond, but can't make that to quench its thirst". We need the added zeal to the aspiration of our elders, then only we come without much perspiration.
So, all the zeal we need is the, 'Motivation' auto-generated from our within, added with the 'Industry', of hard-working, to attain the autonomous stature. Thence, one can descern the importance of the 'Automotive Industry'.

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