Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hors de' combat

Thru out our life we strive for achieving something. For that we build our skills and nourish our knowledge. To attain the accuracy and the supremacy in the skills we ought to earn, we struggle at every stage of the life. We spend lot of time, lots of energy and much more lots of our wealth at times. Then the time comes, when and where we need to show our acquired skills. As everybody strives for perfection and encourages oneself for becoming the champion, then that presentation of the skills and to get thru the combat or contest, will become to pursue the path of snail on an edge.
We struggle every time, at every moment for the betterment of ourselves. In reaching our goals and improving our skills, we do overwork, we mind intensely causing ourselves hurt or injured. And then comes the time, when we need to be out of the contest, though we are adept, as we fall injured or ill. Which not only make oneself to feel bad, but will lead to under performance by the team one associated.
Team India, though a tough team to reckon, but, as was involved in the game for much time, in the recent times, and engaged restless, has the effect of Hors de' combat. Many of its stalwart players viz. one Sehwag was suffering from injuries, becomes a tough time for him (and for Team India) to stay out from the T20 world-cup contest, that too where our Team entering as the defending champs.
He needs to improve his health and should join the team vigorously after his hiatus.


  1. Nicely written...

    Team India is physically ill at the moment, but they have every thing that can make them champions again...

    well, i wish the defending champions to defend the title successfully.


  2. We wish it (Team India) do well to re(g)tain its 'title'.