Saturday, June 27, 2009

He's Not Alive, But He Is Thru With His Work !

Some where farther in the eternal sea, a small heap of water starts to raise, and paces slowly towards the end capturing substantial strength from the waters, trying to raise to a huge altitude in the form of a wave, to show its presence to the scores at the shores. For this wave to raise to that occasion, the eternal sea is the cause which helps its and resists as well. But, that inherent character, which the wave at the time of its birth, makes it a freelancer and freely does its show easily.
A small spark of fire, raises into an inferno, fuming all the things coming in its way, by the virtue of its character 'Fire-dom'. Like wise lot many stars takes birth, in the relentless universe, but, only a 'Pole Star' by virtue of its position remains eternal. There comes lot many hurdles, there will be scores of heaps in the course of a river, but, it subjugates all the loops and steeps, within it, where we can see only the beautiful flow of it, without much thinking about the dark sides beneath it.
Like wise a star was born to become a stalwart by the name Michael Jackson. A child prodigy kept his charm and inherent skills to enthral billions of audience and few generations throughout his career. He was the King of the contemporary music and dance. Audience got fascinated by his performances, and shut the mouths of the critics out of his way through his styles. He's on the other side a salient philanthropist who also cared & concerned for the human sufferings and funded the charities for genuine causes. Now that King exist no where physically. But, his presence, his appearance will be alive in the hearts of the billions through his songs and work.
We all pay a huge homage to the icon and lets pray for his soul now rest in peace at the God's place (Heaven).


  1. well said Chidambar, Really at the end of life only thing which matters that is work.


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  3. Hi Punit,
    yes, we may at one time leave from this materialistic world physically, but, our achievements will keep us with immortality.